Top 5 Best Strollers for Disney World

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For many families, a trip to Walt Disney World is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are so many details to plan, and for families with young children, choosing the best stroller for Disney World is an important aspect of that planning!

As a travel agent, I help clients with these types of recommendations all the time! And today I am bringing my recommendations to you!

In this guide you will find:

  • My Picks for the Best Strollers for Disney World
  • Disney World’s Stroller Rules
  • Stroller Tips for Disney World

Read on to find my list of the Top 5 Best Strollers for Disney World.

Best Stroller for Disney World

Different families have different needs when it comes to strollers for Disney World. I have compiled a list that includes the most common types of strollers a family would need.

1. Best Single Stroller: City Mini GT2

City Mini GT2

The first stroller on listmy of Best Strollers for Disney World is the City Mini GT2. The City Mini GT2 is an all-terrain stroller and is the best single stroller for a trip to Disney World!

I love that it has rubber wheels instead of plastic ones which makes them much more durable. It also has a large storage area underneath the seat to hold bags and backpacks while in the park.

One of the best features about the City Mini is that the seat can fully recline for napping! Disney days can be long days and it is not uncommon for kids to fall asleep at some point during the day. This stroller lets you take full advantage of that mid-day nap. It even has a shade that covers completely while reclined.

TIP: You can add accessories such as parent consoles and child trays to customize your Citi Mini GT2!

2. Best Umbrella Stroller: gb Pockit+

The gb Pockit+stroller.
The gb Pockit+ folds into the size of a backpack.

The next stroller on my list of Best Strollers for Disney World is an umbrella stroller. An umbrella stroller is a great alternative when you don’t need storage or child trays and want to travel light and easy.

The gb Pockit+ is my pick for an umbrella stroller because it is lightweight (weighing only 10lbs) and it can be easily pushed one-handed. The front swivel wheels also make it easy to make quick and tight turns in a crowded Disney park. Even with all of its compact features, the gb Pockit+ can hold a child up to 55lbs.

The absolute best feature of this stroller and why it makes my list is its ability to fold into an ultra-compact bundle. The gb Pockit+ literally folds into the size of a backpack! If you are flying to Disney World, this is a perfect stroller because it can be folded up as a carry-on, and won’t need to be checked at the gate.

3. Best Double Stroller: Joovy Qool Double Stroller

The Joovy Qool Double Stroller.

The best double stroller for a Disney World vacation is the Joovy Qool Double Stroller. The reason I love this stroller is because it is entirely customizable and modular. It can accommodate any age variations from newborn to a young child, with a weight capacity of 55lbs per child.

Another great feature of this modular design is that children can be rear or forward facing or a combination of both. And unlike other customizable designs, the Joovy Qool Double Stroller comes with the child’s snack tray and parent organizer included.

When choosing the best double stroller for your Disney World vacation, I always recommend the single file seating that the Jooby Qool has to offer. Side-by-side seated double strollers are a pain to maneuver through tight crowds and can be cumbersome to get through the parks with.

TIP: Because the Joovy Qool is a modular stroller, it can actually accommodate three children which means it can grow with your family for multiple Disney World trips!

4. Best Sit and Stand Stroller: Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra Stroller

The next stroller on my list of Best Strollers for Disney World is a sit-and-stand stroller. For those who may not be familiar with this type of stroller, a sit and stand stroller has a regular seat in the front and a standing platform/small bench seat in the back for an older child.

The Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra is a great stroller for families that need a little more flexibility than a traditional double stroller. The stroller has a rear seat and platform that can allow an older child to have breaks from all of the walking of a Disney trip.

The Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra can accommodate two children up to 50lbs each. The stroller also has a large under-seat storage basket and folds well for travel by plane, car, or bus. One of the features I love about this stroller, in particular, is that it comes with a children’s tray that can swing from the front to back position to be used by both children.

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5. Best Older Child Stroller: Dream On Me Coast Rider Stroller

Dream On Me Coast Rider Stroller

The last stroller on my list of Best Strollers for Disney World is also my favorite stroller on the list!

The Dream On Me Coaster Rider Stroller is the perfect stroller for kids who are right at the cusp of outgrowing traditional strollers. The stroller is actually more like a pushchair than a stroller. It has removable child handles that make it easy for kids to get on and off and it folds easily and is very compact.

At under $100, the stroller is great for children who don’t use a stroller at home but might need one at Disney World. You can also purchase a separate canopy attachment that is perfect for the hot Florida sun.

TIP: Because this stroller has no storage, make sure you are also bringing a quality bag into the park. You can find my recommendations for park bags on our Travel Resources page.

Do I Need to Bring a Stroller to Disney World?

Whether or not you need to bring a stroller to Walt Disney World is a question only you can answer. But let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a stroller on your Disney World vacation.

First the advantages. Obviously, if you have children of a certain age, a stroller is a must. For children that are a little bit older and maybe beyond stroller age, a stroller at Disney World is still a good idea. A typical family walks 8-10 miles a day on a Disney World vacation! That is a lot of walking for little legs. Putting a slightly older child in a stroller will conserve some of their energy and maybe even quell some breakdowns!

Another advantage of bringing a stroller is having a storage basket to keep snacks, bags, and other supplies stowed away. Your stroller can also provide a built-in place to sit for a child that needs a break or when eating outside. And speaking of kids needing a break, a stroller often doubles as a perfect place to nap at the end of a long Disney day!

Strollers at Walt Disney World

Now the disadvantages. Bringing a stroller to Disney World can be cumbersome. You are not allowed to bring the stroller into restaurants or attractions and most shopping venues are not equipped to handle strollers as well.

Additionally, if you want to take advantage of the complimentary bus service Disney provides from their resorts to their parks, you will need to unpack and fold up your stroller each time you board a bus.

If you are planning your baby’s first trip to Disneyland, be sure to prepare with my list of 13 Best Disneyland Rides for Babies!

Stroller Rules for Disney World in 2024

If you choose to bring a stroller for your Disney World vacation, it is essential that you know what the rules and expectations are.

✅Collapsable strollers are strongly recommended, especially if utilizing Disney transportation.

✅Strollers must be parked in designated Stroller Parking when dining or at an attraction.

TIP: It is not uncommon for Cast Members in the parks to move strollers to designated Stroller Parking if they have been left in the wrong spot. If you come off an attraction and can’t find your stroller, there is a good chance a Cast Member has moved it!

What Strollers are NOT Allowed at Disney World

So what strollers are guests NOT allowed to bring to Disney World?

❌Strollers that are greater than 31″ (79 cm) in width and 52″ (132 cm) in length.

❌Stroller wagons are also prohibited.

❌Wagons are prohibited at any theme park or water park.

❌Wagons are prohibited at indoor venues at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Disney World Stroller Rules
Credit: Disney

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Stroller Tips for Disney World: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at some common questions asked when considering bringing a stroller to Walt Disney World.

What are the Stroller Rental Options at Disney World?

Renting Directly from Disney

Did you know that you don’t have to bring your own stroller to Disney World? Strollers can be rented at Guest Services at each of the four Disney theme parks and even at Disney Springs.

Choose from a single stroller or double stroller. You can also choose to rent by the day or rent for your entire length of stay. Keep in mind that when renting a stroller at a Disney park, the stroller cannot leave the park, so kids will need to walk from the park entrance to the bus, monorail, skyline, or car.

Strollers are available for rent at Disney World.
Credit: Disney

Renting from Kingdom Strollers

While renting a stroller directly from Disney is convenient while in the parks, it leaves some gaps where a stroller may be necessary. Fortunately, travelers have another option!

Renting from a third-party vendor, like Kingdom Strollers, allows you to travel to Orlando without the hassle of lugging a stroller, but still enjoy your vacation with the convenience of one!

You can choose your stroller option and make an advanced reservation on their website. Kingdom Strollers will deliver your stroller rental right to your resort for you. This makes traveling with small children inside of the resort or to Disney transportation much easier! And for those who may be flying into Orlando, you can now pick up your stroller rental right at the MCO airport!

How to Properly Secure Your Stroller to Prevent Theft?

While stroller theft at Disney World makes lots of headlines, it is a very rare occurrence. Even still, you may feel better utilizing one of these tips to help keep your stroller safe.

Take Your Valuables – It may seem obvious, but when leaving your stroller in Stroller Parking, don’t leave your valuables behind.

Remove a Wheel – If you have a stroller where you can easily pop off a wheel, remove a wheel and place it in your backpack or hid it in the bottom of your stroller storage basket. Anyone trying to take a stroller is looking for one they can easily grab and walk away with quickly.

Use a Stroller Lock – A stroller lock is the same as a bike lock. Just put the cable through the back wheels of your stroller to keep it from being wheeled away. We like this option because the cord is short and you don’t need to keep up with a key to unlock it.

Attach an Air Tag – If you decide to spend the money on a high-end stroller, you may want to attach an AirTag in a discreet place so you can track the stroller in the event it is stolen.

TIP: Attach a homemade name placard with your last name or unique balloon to your stroller to make it easily identifiable when looking for it in designated Stroller Parking.

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Final Thoughts: Best Stroller for Disney World

A Disney World trip can be a huge undertaking. There are so many details to be considered, and choosing the best stroller is one of them! Trust me, having a great stroller can make all the difference in the ease and enjoyability of your hard-earned Disney World vacation!

Be sure to check out our list of Top 13 Disney World Water Rides when planning for that Disney trip! And if you are looking for the best time to plan that trip, read up on 9 Reasons to Visit Disney World in the Fall!

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