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Meet the Disney Characters That Begin with “Y”

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Step into the realm of magic, where dreams come true and imagination knows no bounds. From daring princesses to mischievous sidekicks, each Disney character holds a special place in our hearts. Yet, amidst the well-known heroes and villains, there exists a delightful collection of Disney characters whose names begin with the letter ‘Y,’ waiting to be explored and celebrated.

Let’s embark on a magical journey to discover Disney characters whose identities are often overshadowed by the stars of their respective stories. These characters have their own unique charm and charisma. They have left their own unique mark on Disney’s rich storytelling.

So, dust off your glass slippers, grab your magic lamp, and prepare to be enchanted by the lesser-known, yet equally captivating, Disney characters whose names begin with ‘Y.’

List of Disney Characters That Begin with “Y”

Our list of Disney characters that start with “Y” features ten very different, very distinct Disney characters. Let’s see how many of them you have heard of!

1. Yen Sid (Fantasia)

Yen Sid is a Disney character that begins with a "Y"
Credit: Disney

Yen Sid, the venerable sorcerer from “Fantasia,” emerges as a symbol of wisdom and magic. As Mickey Mouse’s mentor, he commands great power over the mystical arts. His name, “Yen Sid,” cleverly spells “Disney” backward, paying homage to the mastermind behind the magical kingdom. Though not a protagonist, Yen Sid’s influence extends far beyond his brief appearance, making him a mythical figure in Disney’s folklore.

>>> You can watch the original Fantasia here.<<<

Quick Facts About Fantasia
Release Date: November 13, 1940
Run Time: 125 Minutes
Rating: G

TIP: Mickey’s PhilharMagic is a fun 4D twist on the classic Fantasia while also highlighting classic Disney movies! Our family loves to watch it on each trip to Walt Disney World!

2. Yao (Mulan)

Yao is a funny Disney character.
Credit: Disney

In the heartwarming tale of “Mulan,” Yao stands tall as one of Mulan’s devoted comrades in the Chinese army. His fiery personality and unwavering loyalty inject humor and camaraderie into the midst of conflict. Whether it’s engaging in humorous banter or displaying unwavering courage, Yao’s spirited nature leaves an indelible mark on the film and our hearts.

>>> See Yao in Mulan here. Plus catch him in the sequel here.<<<

Quick Facts About Mulan
Release Date: June 5, 1998
Run Time: 88 Minutes
Rating: G

Mulan is a character that makes our list of Smart Disney Characters as well!

3. Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Yzma from the Emperor's New Groove is a fun Disney character.
Credit: Disney

A master of villainy, Yzma from “The Emperor’s New Groove” is a wicked sorceress fueled by ambition and a quest for power. Her ingenious potion-making skills and her pursuit of usurping the throne lead to a hilariously unsuccessful yet entertaining adventure. With her sly wit and outlandish schemes, Yzma carves a place as one of Disney’s most memorable antagonists.

>>>Check out Yzma in The Emperor’s New Groove here.<<<

Quick Facts About The Emperor’s New Groove
Release Date: December 15, 2000
Run Time: 78 Minutes
Rating: G

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4. Yellow Bird (Silly Symphonies – Birds in the Spring)

Yellow Bird is one of the earliest Disney characters.
Credit: Disney

Making a charming appearance in the Silly Symphonies short, “Birds in the Spring,” the Yellow Bird delights audiences with his melodious voice and captivating chorus. Amidst a whirlwind of colorful birds, the Yellow Bird stands out with his endearing charm, leaving a harmonious memory in the hearts of those who witness this animated masterpiece.

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Quick Facts About Silly Symphonies
Release Date: September 7, 1929
Run Time: 31 Musical Shorts
Rating: Unrated

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5. Yeti (Monsters, Inc.)

The loveable Yeti from Monster's Inc.
Credit: Disney

Venturing into the snowy mountains of “Monsters, Inc.,” we encounter the Yeti, also known as the “Abominable Snowman.” Contrary to his fearsome reputation, this giant, furry creature possesses a heartwarming personality and a childlike playfulness that melts our hearts. His unexpected warmth adds a delightful touch to the tale, reminding us that appearances can be deceiving.

>>>You can watch Monsters, Inc. with your family here.<<<

Quick Facts About Monsters, Inc.
Release Date: November 2, 2001
Run Time: 92 Minutes
Rating: G

Consider a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland to see the loveable Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc.!

6. Young Tod (Fox and the Hound)

Young Tod is a loveable Disney character.
Credit: Disney

“Fox and the Hound” introduces us to the endearing Young Tod, an innocent and curious fox who forms an unlikely friendship with Copper, a hound dog. Their bond beautifully captures the essence of true friendship, but as they grow older, their differences threaten to test their unbreakable connection. Young Tod’s journey of acceptance and understanding tugs at heartstrings, making him an unforgettable part of this emotional narrative.

>>>You can watch the loveable Young Tod in The Fox and the Hound here.<<<

Quick Facts About The Fox and the Hound
Release Date: July 10, 1981
Run Time: 83 Minutes
Rating: G

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7. Yama (Gargoyles)

Yama is another unique Disney character that begins with "Y"
Credit: Disney

From the TV series “Gargoyles,” Yama emerges as a gargoyle with an unshakable sense of honor and duty. Originally hailing from the ancient city of Ishimura in Japan, Yama’s loyalty to the Manhattan clan becomes an integral aspect of the show’s captivating storyline. His presence embodies the principles of justice and camaraderie, adding depth to the show’s powerful themes.

>>>Check out Yama in the Gargoyles series here tonight.<<<

Quick Facts About Gargoyles
Release Date: October 24, 1994
Run Time: 30 Minute Episodes
Rating: TV-Y7

TIP: The Gargoyles Series was animated by Disney’s studio in Tokyo so it has a little bit of an anime feel.

8. Yaarp (Stitch! The Movie)

Yaarp from Stitch! The Movie is a loveable Disney character.
Credit: Disney

“Stitch! The Movie” introduces us to the adorable Yaarp, one of Stitch’s genetic experiments. Despite his fearsome appearance, Yaarp possesses a gentle heart, and his unique ability to create sonic blasts through yarping adds a dose of unexpected charm to the “Lilo & Stitch” franchise.

>>>Watch Yaarp in Stitch! The Movie with your family here. If you want to see the original Lilo and Stitch you can find that here.<<<

Quick Facts Stitch! The Movie
Release Date: August 25, 2003
Run Time: 64 Minutes
Rating: G

9. Young Simba and Young Nala (The Lion King)

Young Simba and Young Nala are classic Disney characters.
Credit: Disney

In the timeless masterpiece, “The Lion King,” we encounter the spirited Young Simba and Young Nala, whose adventures capture the essence of innocence and friendship. With their infectious energy and insatiable curiosity, these playful cubs set the stage for an epic tale of courage, love, and self-discovery.

>>>Your family can watch these two spunky Disney characters in The Lion King here.<<<

Quick Facts About The Lion King
Release Date: June 24, 1994
Run Time: 87 Minutes
Rating: G

TIP: If you love The Lion King, you will want to watch the Festival of the Lion King live show at Animal Kingdom! It is a favorite of my family!

10. Yesss (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Yesss from Ralph Breaks the Internet is a new Disney character that begins with "Y".
Credit: Disney

In the modern wonder of “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” Yesss takes center stage as the head algorithm of BuzzzTube, the trendiest website in the digital realm. With her savvy and vibrant personality, Yesss embodies the pulse of internet culture, adding a contemporary touch to Disney’s ever-evolving narrative.

>>>Want to see the newest Disney character that begins with “Y”? Watch Yesss in Ralph Breaks the Internet here.<<<

Quick Facts About Ralph Breaks the Internet
Release Date: November 21, 2018
Run Time: 112 Minutes
Rating: PG

The original Wreck-It Ralph movie makes our list of Best Disney Movies for Toddlers!

Where to Watch Disney Characters That Begin with “Y”

⭐️Disney +: Disney + is the best source for finding all of the movies where our smart Disney characters are featured. The great thing about using Disney + is that you get access to thousands of movies and original shows for a set price each month.

⭐️Prime VideoAmazon’s Prime Video is another great streaming alternative without the monthly commitment. This is a great option if you are only going to watch a couple of movies once. Prime Video is basically renting movies for 48 hours, so you won’t have access long-term.

⭐️Disney Movie Club – If you like having physical DVDs or Blu-ray discs instead of streaming everything digitally, consider joining the Disney Movie Club. When joining you get 4 initial movies for just $1 and free shipping. After that, you commit to buying 5 more movies at the regular price ($19.95) in the span of 24 months.

⭐️Local Library – You may also wish to consider your local library for some of the titles on our list. While the selection may be hit or miss, they usually try their best to keep family-friendly movies in stock and you can access them for free with a library card.

Booking Your Trip to Meet the Characters

There is nothing more magical than watching your young child’s face light up when they encounter their favorite Disney characters in real life! While you may not be able to see these Disney characters that begin with “Y”, a trip to a Disney theme park allows to see a variety of popular Disney characters.

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Princess Jasmine at Cinderella's Royal Table is a smart Disney character.
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Conclusion: Disney Characters That Begin with “Y”

As we conclude our journey through the enchanting world of Disney characters beginning with ‘Y,’ we are reminded of the depth and diversity that each character brings to the magical universe. From wise sorcerers to playful cubs, these lesser-known stars have touched our hearts, leaving a lasting impact on the magic of Disney.

In celebrating these characters, we are reminded of the limitless imagination and enduring enchantment that continues to make Disney a timeless source of joy and inspiration for generations to come.

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