Step by Step Guide: How to Order Disney MagicBands

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When you order MagicBands for an upcoming Walt Disney World trip it can be a fun and exciting milestone! There is nothing quite like getting that little bit of Disney magic in the mail when your MagicBands arrive.

Ordering your MagicBands doesn’t have to be a difficult process!

In this guide, I will walk you through:

  • Customizing and Ordering MagicBands
  • The Differences Between MagicBands and MagicBand+
  • How MagicBands Benefit Your Disney Vacation

Let’s break down the steps so you can order your Disney MagicBands for your next family vacation.

What is a MagicBand?

Order MagicBands for your Disney vacation

Before you order your MagicBands, let’s look at what they are and how you can use them on your Disney vacation.

MagicBands are wristbands that Disney guests wear while on their Disney vacations. They are both waterproof and adjustable to accommodate children and adults. MagicBands utilize RF technology to allow guests to do certain functions on their Disney vacations that just make everything so much easier!

With your Disney MagicBand, you can:

🌀 Use it as a room key at your Disney World Resort

🌀 Enter the Walt Disney World theme parks (with a valid ticket and park reservation)

🌀 Access your Lightning Lane reservations

🌀 Charge purchases in the theme parks to the credit card on your Disney Resort reservation

🌀 Add PhotoPass Pictures to Your My Disney Experience Account

Disney MagicBands come in a variety of both colors and designs… some even featuring your favorite characters! There is something for everyone!

Steps to Order MagicBands for Your Disney Vacation

Now that you know all that your Disney MagicBands can do to make your Disney vacation run smoothly, let’s break down the steps to order MagicBands!

Step One: Log In to Your My Disney Experience Account

The first thing you will need to do in order to order your MagicBands is to log in to your My Disney Experience account.

If you do not already have an account, you will want to make sure that you sign up for one! This account is where you will link your Disney vacation confirmation number and where you will have access to your dining reservations and Lightning Lane selections. The My Disney Experience account is also where you can see any Photo Pass photos from rides or Disney Parks photographers.

It is so important to have access to this account not only for planning your trip, but while on your trip as well! Trust me… it makes your Disney vacation so much smoother!

TIP: You can access your My Disney Experience account both from the app and from the website. These steps will be the same in either place!

Step Two: Click “My Resort”

Order MagicBands on the Disney World app

After you have logged into your My Disney Experience account you will scroll down to your upcoming trip and click on the “My Resort” button to see your reservation information.

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Step Three: Find the MagicBand Icon

Order MagicBands on the MDE app

Under your upcoming Disney vacation reservation, you will see a MagicBand icon. Click this icon to choose your MagicBands.

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Step Four: Review Eligible Guests

Guests eligible to order MagicBands

Review the guests that are eligible for MagicBands. This should be each of the guests listed on your Disney vacation reservation. Once you have confirmed that all guests on the reservation are listed there select “Get Started”.

Step Five: Choose a MagicBand for Each Guest

Customizing your MagicBand

One at a time you will choose a MagicBand for each of the guests on the reservation.

Click the “Select” button under the guest name to see the selection of available Disney MagicBands. Once you have chosen one, you can personalize it with their name before choosing “Complete”.

Follow this process for each of the guests on the reservation. Once you are done, you should see a small picture of the MagicBand you have selected for each guest above their name. You can then “Proceed to Checkout”.

Step Six: Review Your Selections and Make Payment

Complete your MagicBand order by reviewing each of your selections, verifying your shipping address, and making your payment.

After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, click “Purchase” to finalize and process your order!

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Disney Magicbands: Frequently Asked Questions

MagicBands at Walt Disney World

There may be some questions you have about Disney MagicBands before you decide to order. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions!

Do I Need to Order MagicBands?

MagicBands are not required in order to enter Walt Disney World Resorts or Parks.

If you choose NOT to use a MagicBand on your Disney World vacation, you can get a regular key card to access your resort room and a ticket card to scan into the parks. You also have the option of using your My Disney Experience app to open your resort room door or to hold your park tickets.

While MagicBands are not required on a Disney parks vacation, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you invest in them for your family! The ease that they bring to a Disney vacation is worth every penny you may spend on them. And their batteries last for multiple vacations!

When Should I Order MagicBands?

Officially you have until 10 days before your check-in at Walt Disney World to customize and order your MagicBand if you want to have them shipped to your home. However, I strongly suggest to all my clients and to you to that you order 14-30 days in advance to play it safe!

TIP: If you miss the deadline to pre-order your MagicBands, there is also a huge variety of MagicBands that can be purchased at all four Walt Disney World parks, your Disney Resort, and at Disney Springs!

What is the Difference Between Magicband and Magicband+?

MagicBand+ is now available for your Disney vacation.

MagicBand+ is the newest installment of the Disney MagicBand! They will not be replacing the current MagicBands, but offer an upgrade in features should you want something a little more special.

So what can a MagicBand+ do? First, MagicBand+ provides all the same functions that the traditional MagicBand does, but there are some extra special features!

With MagicBand+ you can interact with the golden 50th Anniversary statutes located throughout the four parks. Your MagicBand+ will also light up and vibrate to the nighttime shows at both Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. You can even become a Bounty Hunter in Hollywood Studios’ Galaxy’s Edge with an interactive game!

How Much Does it Cost to Order MagicBands?

MagicBands come in either solid colors or colorful designs. When you pre-order your MagicBands using our step-by-step guide you are able to purchase them for a pre-arrival price. These prices typically range from $10 for solid colors all the way up to $35 for MagicBand+.

If you wait and purchase your MagicBand at the Disney parks you can expect to pay a little more than the special pre-arrival price.

TIP: There are lots of creative ways you can customize your MagicBands. You can find MagicBands skins on websites like Etsy or even MagicBand puck holders to attach your MagicBand to your watch!

Book Your Disney Trip to Try Out Your MagicBands

Now that you know how much a MagicBand can improve your Disney vacations, it’s time to book that vacation!

A Disney vacation package of tickets and resort stay can be booked for as little as a $200 deposit and then you are able to make payments on your trip at your own leisure up until 30 days before your check-in day.

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Final Thoughts: How to Order Disney MagicBands

Now that you know how to order MagicBands for your Disney vacation you are one step closer to the most magical Disney vacation!

Be sure to check out our Top 15 Disney World Water Rides as you plan for your vacation! You can also check out our Travel Resources section to find other useful products to make that Disney World trip go off without a hitch!

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