Top 15 Disney World Water Rides

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Look no further because I have got you covered! I know firsthand how hot the weather can get on a Disney World vacation! My family has had several trips where we really needed to find a way to cool off and beat the heat. Enjoying one of the many water rides at the parks has helped us do just that!

The truth is the water rides at Disney World are a hidden gem, offering a refreshing twist to the theme park experience!

In this guide you will find:

  • Water Rides in Each Disney World Park
  • Tips For Staying Dry on Water Rides
  • Other Ways to Stay Cool at Disney World

So, if you’re ready to make a splash on your next visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth, join me as we dive into the Top 15 Disney World Water Rides that are an absolute must!

15 Best Disney World Water Rides

Stepping into the realm of water rides at Walt Disney World, the first three spots on my list are guaranteed to make a splash!

Nestled in Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach—Walt Disney World’s two dedicated water parks—these rides bring an extra splash of fun to your Disney adventure.

1. Summit Plummet

Plunging Down 12 Stories on Summit Plummet at Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park
Credit: MMVMA

Topping the list is the water slide, Summit Plummet. Summit Plummet is found at Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park, and if you are a thrill-seeker, this water ride is for you!

Found atop Mount Gushmore, Summit Plummet is the anchor attraction at Disney’s Blizzard Beach park. What makes this one of Disney World’s top water rides? Its 12-story, nearly vertical plunge, makes it not only the tallest slide at Walt Disney World but the third tallest and fastest water slide in the world!

Quick Facts About Summit Plummet

Intensity: Thrill Ride with Big Drops

Age Range: Kids, Teens, Adults

Height Requirement: 48 Inches or Taller

2. Crush ‘n’ Gusher

Take the Plunge on Crush n Gusher at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

If you are looking for more of a roller coaster-type Disney World water ride, then look no further than Crush ‘n’ Gusher!

Located at Disney World’s other water park, Typhoon Lagoon, Crush ‘n’ Gusher is a 400-foot-long tube slide. Set in an abandoned food processing plant, you and a partner will board a raft and set off down sudden drops and sharp turns before landing in Hideaway Bay!

TIP: Crush ‘n’ Cusher has an elevator available for guests with disabilities! Making it a great water ride for everyone in the family!

Quick Facts About Crush ‘n’ Gusher

Intensity: Thrill Ride with Small Drops

Age Range: Kids, Teens, Adults

Height Requirement: 48 Inches or Taller

3. Castaway Creek

Float Down the Lazy River of Castaway Creek at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

If you want the benefit of cooling off in the Florida heat, but thrill rides aren’t really your thing, then the next Disney World water ride might be just for you! Castaway Creek allows you to drift down the scenic lazy river that encircles the entire Typhoon Lagoon Water Park!

The great thing about spending time on Castaway Creek is that you can pick up an inner tube at any one of 5 different landings and float to your heart’s content!

And for families with little ones, baby float tubes are complimentary in the park and permitted in Castaway Creek as long as there is direct parent contact. With 2,000 feet of continuous flowing river through rainforest landscapes, Castaway Creek is one of the best water rides at Walt Disney World!

Before you visit the water parks at Disney World be sure to check their calendar. It is not unusual for one of the two parks to be closed for refurbishment for several months at a time.

Quick Facts About Castaway Creek

Intensity: Slow Ride, No Drops

Age Range: All Ages

Height Requirement: Any Height

Best Disney World Water Rides – Magic Kingdom

If water parks just aren’t your thing, or you don’t have time to visit one of the water parks during your trip, you can still enjoy water rides at the Disney World parks. There are several located in Magic Kingdom with a wide variety of thrill, splash, and nostalgia to meet all of your family’s needs!

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4. Splash Mountain

Brer Rabbit welcomes guests to enjoy the thrills of Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom!
Credit: MMVMA

Splash Mountain is a favorite for my family! When spending the day in Magic Kingdom we make sure to hit this ride at least twice if time allows. But rider beware… when riding Splash Mountain you’re going to get wet!

Located in the heart of the Frontierland section of the park, Splash Mountain is a classic ride that draws many guests. Your family will load up in your log flume and enjoy a relaxing trip down the southern bayou where you will encounter lots of fun characters.

One of the reasons we love Splash Mountain is that there are actually three smaller dips throughout the ride before the thrill of the 5 story drop at the end. When you get to the top of that 5 story climb, keep your eyes peeled! A perfect view of Cinderella’s castle can be found right before your log flume heads over the edge!

Splash Mountain is now officially closed at Walt Disney World. But in 2024 you will be able to float down the Bayou with Princess Tiana and her friends!

Quick Facts About Splash Mountain

Intensity: Thrill Ride with Big Drops

Age Range: Kids, Teens, Adults

Height Requirement: 40 Inches or Taller

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

A pirate sits atop a barrel of goods singing to guests as they float by.

Pirates of the Caribbean is the ride that inspired the movie series and is a fan favorite. While you may not get as wet on this ride as you will on some of the others on our list, there is still a fun small drop that offers up a little splash.

Witness a rowdy group of pirates ransack coastal towns in the 17th century Caribbean, all while serenading you with their song. And keep your eyes peeled for Jack Sparrow on your journey… you just might find him popping up in unexpected places!

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of those classic, Disney nostalgic rides with sights, songs and smells that will keep you coming back again and again!

Quick Facts About Pirates of the Caribbean

Intensity: Slow Ride with Small Drops; Dark

Age Range: All Ages

Height Requirement: Any Height

6. Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise skipper shows guest the back side of water.
Credti: MMVMA

Deep in the heart of Adventureland in Magic Kingdom is a 10-minute ride through the heart of the Amazon. The Jungle Cruise boat ride has found new life at Walt Disney World with the release of the new movie with the same name.

When riding the Jungle Cruise, you and your family will board a riverboat piloted by a skipper with a dry sense of humor and a love of corny jokes. You will either laugh or roll your eyes, but one thing is for sure… you will definitely have a great time!

While riding this classic Disney World water ride, keep your eyes peeled for angry hippos, missing vessels, and the backside of water! While the Jungle Cruise isn’t a personal favorite of mine, many people enjoy this leisurely and entertaining water ride in Magic Kingdom.

Quick Facts About Jungle Cruise

Intensity: Slow Boat Ride

Age Range: All Ages

Height Requirement: Any Height

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7. “It’s a Small World”

The It's a Small World sign welcomes guest to a boat around the world.
Credit: MMVMA

Yes, I know the song is annoying, but have you really been to Disney World if you haven’t been on this water ride?!

One of the reasons that “It’s a Small World” is a must-do water ride for our family is because of the history of the ride. “It’s a Small World” was originally created for the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair and was personally overseen by Walt Disney himself. It was so popular, that it was dismantled and shipped to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and in 1971, a replica was made to be an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World, Florida. We love getting to ride this little piece of Walt Disney history!

While floating down the Seven Seaways Waterway, be sure to point out the popular landmarks from countries around the world. My family loves to see how many countries we can spot!

Quick Facts About “It’s a Small World

Intensity: Slow Boat Ride

Age Range: All Ages

Height Requirement: Any Height

8. Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station

Casey Jr. Splash Pad is a great water attraction in Magic Kingdom
Credit: HMT

If you’re visiting Magic Kingdom with little ones, the Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station is a must-visit spot.

This charming water play area, inspired by the classic Disney film “Dumbo,” is a hit with kids, including my own daughter. On a hot Florida day, there’s nothing quite like watching your child’s face light up with joy as they run through fountains and cool off under water-spouting circus animals. It’s a delightful and refreshing break during your Magic Kingdom adventure.

So, be sure to pack swimsuits and water shoes for your little ones and let them enjoy some splash-tastic fun!

Quick Facts About Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station

Intensity: Splash Pad

Age Range: All Ages

Height Requirement: Any Height

Best Disney World Water Rides – EPCOT

Many people consider EPCOT to be more of an adult park. And while EPCOT definitely has a nightlife, there are still many fun family-friendly attractions and even a few water rides at this Disney World park as well!

9. Journey of Water Inspired by Moana

Journey of Water at EPCOT
Credit: HMT

Disney’s newest water attraction at EPCOT is Journey of Water inspired by Moana. Having had the opportunity to preview this attraction before its public debut, I can confidently say it’s a fantastic addition to the park.

This attraction offers a unique blend of entertainment and education, as it allows you to explore the water cycle in a fun and interactive way. Plus, it’s a perfect way to beat the Florida heat and cool off a bit while enjoying your day at EPCOT.

If you have a Moana-loving kid in your family, visiting the Journey of Water is a must-do! But be sure to pack a change of clothes just in case. There is a small splash pad in this attraction and you can leave soaked!

Quick Facts About Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana

Intensity: Walk Through Attraction

Age Range: All Ages

Height Requirement: Any Height

10. Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After beckons guests to on a boat ride of thrills through the land of Arendelle and beyond.
Credit: MMVMA

Arguably one of the most popular attractions in EPCOT, especially if you have kids obsessed with Elsa and Anna, Frozen Ever After makes my list of Best Disney World Water Rides!

Frozen Ever After allows you to board an ancient nordic vessel and journey through the land of Arendelle. One of the things we love about this Disney World water ride is the theming. Once you enter the building you are immediately submerged into the Frozen story. The immersive theming doesn’t stop when you board the vessel.

The unique thing about this Disney World water ride is that not only do you get a small drop, similar to that of Pirates of the Caribbean but there is a backward plunge as well! Frozen Ever After is a great water ride to check out the next time you visit EPCOT.

Be sure to check out Frozen from our list of Best Disney Movies for Toddlers!

Quick Facts About Frozen Ever After

Intensity: Slow Ride with Small Drops; Dark

Age Range: All Ages

Height Requirement: Any Height

11. Gran Fiesta Tour

The Three Caballeros serenade riders as the sail  through Mexico pavilion.
Credit: HMT

The Gran Fiesta Tour is a hidden gem in the World Showcase and is my personal favorite water ride in EPCOT! I love it! If you aren’t looking for the Gran Fiesta Tour, you will definitely miss it. Head inside of the Mayan Pyramid in the Mexico pavilion to set sail on this Disney World water ride.

Once inside the pavilion, you can enjoy the food and shopping in an authentic Mexican market before boarding your boat for a tour of the most popular and scenic spots in Mexico! And you’ll find our favorite duck, Donald, roaming around the country taking in the sights as well.

Quick Facts About the Gran Fiesta Tour

Intensity: Slow Boat Ride

Age Range: All Ages

Height Requirement: Any Height

12. Living with the Land

Mickey shaped topiaries and vegetables abound in the greenhouses found in Living with the Land.
Credit: MMVMA

Living with the Land is a unique twist on a Disney World water ride. Found in the Land Pavilion of EPCOT, Living with the Land is both entertaining and educational.

First, you will sail through an engaging tour of the history of farming, before cruising through the Walt Disney World greenhouses. The greenhouses are an amazing display of how Disney horticulturalists are using innovative growing techniques to feed our planet.

TIP: After your boat ride, make sure to check out Sunshine Seasons or the Garden Grille. You can enjoy a meal made up of the produce and fish found in the greenhouses.

Quick Facts About Living with the Land

Intensity: Slow Boat Ride

Age Range: All Ages

Height Requirement: Any Height

13. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Cool off from the Florida heat by riding through the seas with Nemo and afterwards explore the onsite aquarium.
Credit: Disney

OK, hear me out. I know The Seas with Nemo and Friends is not technically a Disney World water ride, but I have included it in my list of Best Disney World Water Rides because of its one very unique feature.

The first time my family rode The Seas with Nemo and Friends we were enjoying our underwater journey with Nemo and Dory, but it took us a minute to realize that the ride was actually leading us into an aquarium! How had we booked a trip to Disney World and didn’t know they had an aquarium?!

So while The Seas with Nemo and Friends isn’t a Disney World water ride per se, I have included it because of the amazing saltwater aquarium you get to explore after the ride.

TIP: There is a self-guided scavenger hunt in the aquarium! Solve clues and collect stickers as you learn about all the creatures that call the aquarium home!

Quick Facts About The Seas With Nemo and Friends

Intensity: Slow Ride

Age Range: All Ages

Height Requirement: Any Height

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Best Disney World Water Rides – Animal Kingdom

When most people hear Animal Kingdom they usually think “Oh, it’s just a zoo.” Well, we are here to let you know that Animal Kingdom is so much more than just a zoo! It is home to some really amazing attractions including some water rides!

14. Kali River Rapids

Be prepared for big splashes and lots of laughs when you set out on a trip down the Kali River Rapids!
Credit: MMVMA

Kali River Rapids is my daughter’s absolute favorite Disney World water ride. And when riding Kali River Rapids, expect to get very wet!

Kali River Rapids is a whitewater adventure through the heart of Asia. Don’t be surprised when your raft starts to spin as you set off down the river. You might even find yourself floating under a waterfall or two before you plunge down the 20-foot slope! But be ready for a big splash at the bottom!

Quick Facts About Kali River Rapids

Intensity: Thrill Ride with Small Drops, Spinning

Age Range: Kids, Teens, Adults

Height Requirement: 38 Inches or Taller

15. Na’vi River Journey

Unique creatures guide you down the Na'vi River through the land of Pandora.

Deep in the heart of Animal Kingdom’s Pandora, you’ll find the final Disney World water ride to round out our list. The land inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar is an incredible sight to behold and there are lots of fun attractions to be found there as well.

The Na’vi River Journey is one such attraction. You’ll board a boat for a relaxing, mystical trip down the river in the heart of the bioluminescent rainforest of the land of Pandora. We love to point out the exotic plants and creatures that dot the landscape before rounding the corner to find the larger-than-life Na’vi Shaman of Songs.

Quick Facts About Na’vi River Journey

Intensity: Slow Boat Ride

Age Range: All Ages

Height Requirement: Any Height

How to Stay Dry on Water Rides at Disney World

So what if you want to enjoy the thrill of a water ride at Disney World, but the idea of walking around soaked afterward doesn’t sound appealing? Well, there are a few tips that I use for staying *mostly* dry on a Disney World water ride.

✔️ Wear a rain poncho. Putting on a poncho before boarding Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids is your best bet at coming off the ride dry! We like these ponchos for our Disney trips.

✔️ Use the lockers. If you are carrying bags or expensive cameras and electronics that really can’t get wet, your best bet is to rent a locker to make sure to keep those items safe. Lockers can be found in each of Disney World’s parks.

✔️ Bring a change of clothes. If the idea of walking around Disney World wet after enjoying a water ride is just not your idea of a good time, you can always bring a quick change of clothes! Make sure to also pack a wet bag to place your wet clothes in until you get back to your room for the night!

✔️ Wear quick-drying clothes and shoes. There is a huge variety of shirts and shorts that will help get you drier faster. And don’t forget the shoes! I love to wear Crocs sandals for the parks, especially on the water rides, because they are comfortable, functional, and will let your feet dry quickly. Check out these women’s styles that I personally wear! They also have great options for men!

Other Ways to Stay Cool at Disney World

While water rides are a fantastic way to beat the heat, there are plenty more ways to stay cool at Disney World. Let’s dive into some refreshing ideas!

Relax at Themed Pools: Disney resorts are known for their amazing pools. Take a mid-day break from the parks and enjoy a swim. Each pool has unique theming that’s sure to add a splash of magic to your day!

Find Indoor Attractions: Escape the sun by exploring indoor attractions and shows. My personal favorites are the Carousel of Progress and Spaceship Earth. They provide a cool environment and a break from the outdoor heat.

Enjoy Frozen Treats: Disney World offers a plethora of frozen treats, from the iconic Dole Whip to Mickey-shaped ice cream bars. Indulging in these delicious snacks is a tasty way to stay cool.

Cooling Stations and Misting Areas: Look out for cooling stations and misting areas throughout the parks. They’re perfect for a quick cool down.

Wear Cooling Accessories: Consider wearing cooling towels or misting fans. Each member of my family has our own cooling towel we carry with us for those hot park days. They are lifesavers!

Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day. You can get free cups of ice water at any quick-service restaurant in the parks. I also recommend these reusable water bottles to all of my clients.

Dress Appropriately: Wear light, breathable clothing and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Remember, staying cool is key to enjoying your magical Disney World adventure to the fullest. So, pack your sunblock, grab a hat, and get ready for an unforgettable, cool Disney experience!

Which Disney World Park Has the Most Water Rides?

If getting wet is your goal, then the Disney World parks with the most water rides that you must visit are Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Not only are these two parks dedicated water parks, but they also have a huge variety of water rides to meet the needs of your entire family.

From water slides to lazy rivers and wave pools. You can do it all at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. It is the perfect way to cool off in the Florida heat and enjoy the most water rides at Disney World.

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Final Thoughts: Best Disney World Water Rides

There are so many ways to have a great day at Disney World, but one of my favorites is to enjoy the numerous water rides found throughout the parks! Whether you want the thrill of a big drop and splash or the relaxation of a scenic boat ride, there are enough Disney World water rides to meet every need!

And if you find yourself traveling to California to visit Disneyland, check out our list of Top 25 Best Rides at Disneyland to help you plan for your trip!

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