How Many Acres is Disney World?

The entire Walt Disney World Resort is a space that’s nearly 25,000 acres! That’s right, it’s not just a theme park; it is a city of enchantment.

Disney World has a cozy home for everyone, no matter your vibe. There are three categories of resorts to choose from: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe.

The entire Disneyland Resort, with its two theme parks, three resorts, and Downtown Disney, could comfortably nestle within the magical landscapes of Disney World. And it could do so 5 times over!

For perspective, Manhattan, the bustling borough in New York City, could fit snugly inside Disney World with room to spare. Talk about a colossal playground!

Here's a tip for navigating through Disney World: book a resort on the monorail or Skyliner.  They provide a much faster and smoother way to get from resort to park or even park to park.

Is Disney World Still Expanding? Yes!  In fact, Disney World has only developed about half of its available acreage in Florida. So, there’s still plenty of room for more magic.

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